• Welcome to louisebrooking.com

    enjoys teaching children and adults the fun of
    playing music. Her love of music and feel good spirit
    can be very contageous!
  • Welcome to louisebrooking.com

    Louise Brooking is a Folk/Country Singer Songwriter and

    Artist from Newfoundland Canada.

    In 2010 Louise released her debut EP and in Januray 2014
    celebrated the release of her new video "Cup of Soul"

  • Welcome to louisebrooking.com
    As well as being an instructor of water colour art, Louise's
    works have been published
    in a children's book entitled
    "Archie the Pit Rat Hero".

  • Welcome to louisebrooking.com

    Louise enjoys the art of storytelling and does so not only
    though her songs but in her various
    plays and musicals
    she has written as Director of the GLO Youth Performers.